2019 Halloween Safety Tips


Halloween can be an exciting time for everyone.BUT it can also be dangerous. Millions of parents, kids and young people go trick or treating in Canada.

Twice as many children are involved in fatal pedestrian accidents on Halloween than any other night of the year

Only one third of parents discuss safety tips with their kids before Halloween

Only 18% of parents insist on reflective strips on kids’ costumes

We at FOISY LAW want you and your children to stay safe this Halloween. Below please find some safety tips:


  Wear light coloured costumes with reflective tape strips and make sure you and/or your child won’t trip over the costume

Carry white pillowcases to put candy in

Have kids bring candy home for parents to carefully examine it before eating it

Always travel in groups of 3 or more and don’t visit unlit houses

Always walk on sidewalks or paths, NOT down the middle of streets

Educate kids not to cross streets through parked cars; go up one side of the street and down the other

Cross streets at intersections or at zebra crossings

Young kids should always have an adult present even when you think your child is sensible; excitement and common sense on Halloween are NOT compatible ☹


Go SLOWLY especially in residential areas as children may move in unpredictable ways

If possible, avoid areas full of Halloween-ers

When travelling along past a row of parked cars, stay as far away from them as possible to allow as much 

space/reaction time in case someone runs between the parked cars

Be very careful when backing up and parking

If a friend is driving, make sure they are sober 


Put on all outside lights and replace burnt out bulbs

Brush off steps and remove all items which may cause a child or adult to trip or slip and fall. YOU could be

liable for injuries

Some children have food allergies; ask them all or give non-candy treats such as stickers


Have a designated driver or use a taxi, Uber or public transport

At a party, NEVER leave your drink unattended

Always have a “buddy” who you check in with regularly and vice versa. Always know where your buddy is

Go easy on sugary treats if you’re drinking or your hangover will be bad or worse

Consider an overnight stay, saving you the cab fare home and be comforted you are safe 


But…if you have an accident or know someone who does, call us as we’re here to help if we can