Whiplash Injury

WAD 1, 2, AND 3 Injuries

WAD stands for Whiplash Associated Disorder. A WAD 1 & 2 injury is usually diagnosed when there are complaints of spinal pain with demonstrable signs of injury. There is no objective and relevant signs of neurological signs of injury or fracture of the spine. WAD 3 injuries are usually diagnosed when there is objective signs of neurological injury or fracture. A qualified healthcare professional with experience in this field should always be the one who assess you and classifies your injury,

Spain and Strain Injuries

The Minor Injury Regulations defines what a Sprain or Strain injury is. Under the Minor Injury Regulations a Strain is diagnosed if there are muscle fibre tears, there are 3 different grades of Strains. A Sprain is diagnosed if there are torn ligament fibres and there are 3 different grades of Sprains. Your healthcare treatment provider will usually diagnose you after the initial assessment.

Chronic Pain

It is very difficult to define what constitutes chronic pain. There are many different definitions of chronic pain and levels of chronic pain. In some cases a person's injuries will resolve after a few weeks or months. In other cases a person's injuries will resolve after a few years or never. Contact us today to for a free consultation.


With the MIR in place it is difficult to know whether your case falls under the MIR or not. You should never settle your case without speaking to a lawyer who has experience in this area of law. We protect our client's rights, contact us today for a free consultation.

We Protect Your Rights

If you have been diagnosed with a WAD, Sprain or Strain injury, contact us today to find out if your case is capped under the Minor Injury Regulations.